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Founded in 1983, the main principle of İlk-San has always been, providing quality and comprehensive service.

Importantly, İlk-San has always aligned itself as a representative only of companies that share our vision of high values and goals. Therefore, our customer portfolio has been grown with the addition of only the most ethical leaders in each of their respective fields. With leading firms in the respective industries as business partners, we have been able to introduce the latest technology and implement it immediately in the Turkish market. With such a background and our quality in service of our competitive team, we have managed to widen our references/customer portfolio. Ilk-san was initially formed as a refractory business, but used the knowledge learned about electric arc steel manufacturing to branch into other areas such as steel scrap, Industrial plants, ferroalloying element, manufacturing and project engineering and Industrial raw materials.

Our main goal has always been providing excellent service. We therefore appreciate and would like to thank all our business partners for their trust and support throughout the past 22 years.

Your sincerly,
R. Remzi Zorlu


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